GMAT Quant 02 | Number Properties Questions | GMAT Sample Questions

3 GMAT quantitative reasoning sample questions are solved in this GMAT podcast episode. These are number properties questions and cover the following concepts: classification of numbers, results of operation on odd and even numbers, and results of operation on positive and negative numbers. 1 of the 3 questions is a GMAT problem solving practice question and the remaining 2 are GMAT data sufficiency sample questions.
3 GMAT Practice Questions in Number Properties. These questions were provided as practice question in the last GMAT podcast episode. In this episode of Wizako's GMAT podcast, we discuss detailed solution to the questions.

Question 1 - GMAT Problem Solving - GMAT 600 Level Question

Which of the following numbers is irrational?
A. Sqrt (20/45)
B. (7 sqrt(3))/sqrt 27
C. 1/sqrt 64
D. 7/3.1
E.  sqrt(36/63)

Question 2 - GMAT Data Sufficiency - GMAT 650 Level Question

Is the positive number x an integer?
Statement 1: 5x is an integer.
Statement 2: x/5  is an integer.

Question 3 - GMAT Data Sufficiency - GMAT 700 Level Question

If a, b, and  c are non-zero numbers, how many of these three numbers are positive numbers?
Statement 1: a + b + c > 0
Statement 2: The number of negative numbers is more than the number of positive numbers among these three numbers.
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