GMAT Online Exam | Pros and Cons

Should you take the GMAT Online Exam or should you wait for test centers to become operational? What are the pros and cons of taking the GMAT Online exam?
The GMAT Online Exam is GMAC's response to making the test available to students in these trying times when Covid 19 lock down has closed down test centers in many parts of the world. While the online version is a God sent manna for those who have a deadline to catch, it comes with its own idiosyncrasies.

Did you know that you do not have access to a scratch pad to do calculations when take the online exam? How will "not having access to a handwritten option to do calculation" impact your performance in the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning Section and the Integrated Reasoning section?

Also, did you know that you cannot preview your score at the end of the test and you do not have the recourse to cancelling the score for the online exam?

Listen to the podcast to get the low-down of the GMAT Online Exam and figure out whether you should opt for this variant.

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